Excell Tape Dispenser - 3 Roll
Excell Tape Dispenser - 3 Roll

Excell Tape Dispenser - 3 Roll

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        • HIGH-QUALITY Multi-track tape dispenser with extra wide, anti-rust blade to reduce working time from aligning the tape end with cutting edge. 
        • SECURE: steel desktop tape dispenser that comes with suction cup feet to secure the dispenser to a work surface for a no slipping guaranteed stability.
        • SAFE serrated blade used to cut the tape comes with a safety guard which can be manually pushed up to cover the blade.


      • Holds 5 inches in maximum outside roll diameter so it works great for office supply tapes such as Permacel J-LAR and JVCC CELLO-1 and film carton sealing packaging tapes like Shurtape HP-500 and JVCC OPP-20C. Also fits artist/console tape such as JVCC ART-11. Note that gull-length cloth tapes like spike and gaffers tapes will be too large to fit this dispenser.
      • Comes with three 1-inch wide rollers so you can use the dispenser for one 3-inch wide roll or three individual 1-inch wide tape rolls or one 2-inch wide roll and one 1-inch wide roll.
      • Works well on cutting tape that is 3 mils thick and under.
      • Dimensions: 3-7/8 inches wide by 9 inches long by 4 inches high.
      • Core Diameter: 3" (76mm) 
      • Tape Width:  1"(25.4mm); 2"(50mm); 3"(76mm)